101 Random Questions For Couples To Boost Intimacy

Random Questions For Couples
random questions for couples

Random facts in relationships

Find out some random facts about your significant other by asking some random questions. These are mostly asked for finding out more about your partner

1. What's your type of music?

2. What kind of food do you like?

3. Where do you stand politically?

4. Do you find me attractive?

5. Are you having fun with me?

6. What's your favorite color?

7. Are you a family person?

8. Who was your first love?

9. Have you ever been on a plane?

10. What's your take on life?

Random questions for married couples

Ah, for the married couple the random questions are usually more involved and deeper than the average couple, considering that the married couple knows a lot about each other.

11. Are you happy with this marriage?

12. Is there anything I could do differently?

13. Where do you want to go with this marriage?

14. How do you wish to celebrate our anniversary?

15. Do you want children/more children?

Random questions for engaged couples

While the married couple can ask each other some pretty involved questions just to find out more about each other, so can the engaged couple, just maybe not on the same kind of level.

16. Do you want to get married sooner or later?

17. How would you like your wedding to be?

18. Do you want to get married in a church or somewhere else?

19. Are you still sure you want this?

20. What's your view on engagement in general?

Deep questions for couples

The deep web is – no sorry, that's for another day. In this section we're going to talk about deep questions in relationships. This is for couples who need to find out even deeper things about each other and how they both feel in the relationship.

21. Are you truly happy in this relationship?

22. Do you care for deep questions in relationships?

23. Do you want me to change anything with myself?

24. Can you see a future for us?

25. Am I the one for you?

26. Have you ever thought about leaving me?

27. Have you ever hated me?

29. Do you hate my family?

2 Interesting questions for couples

Enough with the deep kind of questions for couples, let's talk about the more interesting sides of a relationship and start asking the more interesting romantic relationship questions.

random questions for couples

30. What's your take on sex?

31. What's your take on sex before marriage?

32. Have you ever imagined being with someone else?

33. Are you the kind of person to take offense to racial humor?

34. Are you a prude?

35. Have you ever wanted to have a threesome?

36. Have you ever been scared of the dark?

37. Do you have any phobias?

38. Have you ever kissed your friend?

39. Have you ever agreed with Donald Trump?

40. Have you ever had any blackouts while drinking?

”Would you rather?” questions for couples

The game of “would you rather” can be a fun game at times and should be played from time to time in a relationship, just make sure that the participants are in on it.

41. Would you rather ask or answer in “would you rather” questions in relationships?

42. Would you rather have me alone than not being with me?

43. Would you rather want to be feverish or have the flu?

44. Would you rather win 1 million dollars and be alone or be poor and be with me?

45. Would you rather drive sports car than a van?

46. Would you rather be a telemarketer or a McDonald's employee?

47. Would you rather have 5 kids or 1 kid?

48. Would you rather run off with your favorite celebrity and be unhappy or be with me and be happy?

49. Would you rather get a dog or a cat?

50. Would you rather buy a house or an apartment?

Funny questions for couples

Funny questions in a relationship can be anything really and the definition of funny can only be defined by the couple in question. But here are a few to get you started!

51. Have you ever watched pornography?

52. Have you ever fantasized about another person?

53. Have you ever caught someone doing something sexual?

54. Have you ever committed a minor offense?

55. Have you ever been interested in your friend?

56. Have you ever laughed so hard that you accidentally relieved yourself?

57. Do you like dry humor?

58. Have you ever been in love with a celebrity?

59. Have you ever had a sex dream?

60. Have you ever caught your parents making love?

Trivia questions for couples

Trivia questions can be very similar to random questions but are usually more trivial and won't really mean much in the end, with the exception of a few. Still fun to ask each other though!

61. What's your goal in life?

62. Do you like kids a lot?

63. Have you ever stayed with a friend or friends?

64. Have you ever been to a party?

65. Have you ever gotten drunk?

66. Have you ever done drugs?

67. Have you ever been in debt?

68. Have you ever been audited?

69. Have you ever gotten in legal trouble?

70. Do you like animals?

71. Do you like being with family and friends?

72. Are you an angry person?

73. Are you an angry driver?

74. Do you play sports?

75. Do you exercise anything?

Conversation starters for couples

These questions are more for couples who have just started dating and need some starters to get them going before they proceed to the main “meal and dessert

random questions for couples

76. Where did you go to school?

77. Have you gone to college?

78. Where you a bad boy or girl in school?

79. What's your favorite movie?

80. What's your favorite TV series?

81. Have you ever been abroad?

82. Have you ever cheated on a test in school?

83. Have you ever given money to the homeless?

84. Where have you lived in life?

85. Can you speak multiple languages?

86. Do you blush a lot at embarrassing things?

87. Do you blush when asked random love questions?

88. Do you enjoy random questions on relationships?

89. What's your view on relationships?

90. Do you have any good conversation starters in relationships that you would like to try on the opposite sex?

Mid-life questions for married couples

For the couples who are in their 40's and 50's, the mid-life. Try to find out from one another where you stand and what you want to do for the rest of your life.

91. Have you done the things in life you have wanted to do?

92. Do you want to travel more?

93. Have you ever wanted to get a divorce?

94. Do you still want to spend the rest of your life with me?

95. Have you been happy with me over the years?

Kids-related questions

And at last we have the kids questions which are meant for couples who are thinking about kids or have ever been associated with kids in some way. Ask these questions to find out more on where your partner stands on the whole kids front.

96. Have you ever wanted kids?

97. Have you ever gotten an abortion?

98. Have you ever given birth?

99. Have you ever hated a child?

100. Have you ever been mean to a child?

101. Do you want kids at some point in life?

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