21 Sexual Triggers for Better Sexual Experience

Sexual triggers

Sexual triggers are part of our anatomy and a sense of what it means to be human. But the most amazing and fascinating aspect of our sexual orientation and tendencies is that we are all triggered sexually in our own way. No other person can be as sexually aroused and turned on as you can be, because you are your own person and unique in that sense.

But even though we all have our own unique sexual triggers, there are some general rules of thumb and principles when it comes to sexual interaction and igniting that spark in one another. So now would be a good time to have a look at the various sexual triggers that are regarded as general triggers among men and women.

So here are 21 sexual triggers for better sexual experience.

Sexual triggers for women: How a woman can be sexually triggered

Let’s kick off with some female sexual attraction triggers. Guys can well capitalize on these sexual triggers to woo any female of their choice anytime any day.

1. If a man wears stylish clothes and dresses well.

This might seem very simplistic but I assure you, women do indeed think about a man's clothing and believe me, they enjoy it when a man can dress well.

2. If a man smells good.

Like dressing well, smelling good is a must when it comes to seducing a woman. In this list of sexual triggers, oozing of good smell might just be one of the best sexual triggers when it comes to seducing a woman.

3. If a woman feels proximity to a man.

The close proximity of warm bodies is sometimes enough to entice a sexual relationship and ensure in sexual transactions and actions. A woman, and a man, must feel a propinquity attraction to the other person.

4. If a man speaks eloquently.

Men have often been subjects of rough and dirty speech, but in many cases all it takes to seduce a woman is learning how to speak in seducing and well-spoken manners. Teach yourself the art of speech, it's your greatest weapon.

5. If a man takes control of a bad situation.

While many women won't admit it, most women enjoy it when a man takes control and acts all dominant and alpha-like. It sparks one of the most ancient female sexual attraction triggers, which cannot be ignored, no matter how far we've come on the whole equality standpoint.

6. If a man takes care of himself.

Men might always seem nonchalant when it comes to their appearance, but women do in fact love it when a man knows how to take care of himself.

Sexual triggers for men: How a woman can seduce a man

7. If a woman dresses nicely.

Now I don't mean that every woman should wear short and tight clothes, but men really find it attractive when a woman shows some skin.

8. If a woman wears leather clothing.

Again with the clothes, but leather clothing is often one of the more prominent male sexual attraction triggers, so try investing in some leather jackets or pants if you want to seduce a man.

9. If a woman takes initiative during sex.

Men love it when it a woman takes charge and takes the first step towards sexual interaction.

10. If a woman makes close contact.

Being a close proximity of a woman is almost always exhilarating for a man, according to common sexual triggers psychology.

11. If a woman takes care of her body.

Without sounding superficial, it's a well-known fact that men love it when women take care of themselves and their bodies.

12. If a woman shows deep affection.

This might be one of the subconscious sexual triggers for men, considering how hard men want to be. Even though they seem cold, they are warm on the inside and love it when a woman shows affection.

Special sexual triggers for both men and women:

13. Role-playing with one another.

This might not be for everyone, but some people just love role-playing and find it even more exciting than the sexual intercourse itself. There are many sexual triggers training programs out there, but none that teach role-playing properly, because it's so personal and relative to each person.

14. Getting hit by a lover.

Yes, this turns some folks on and there's nothing wrong with that! Well, at least for most people.

15. Just being close to another person. Now this may not be entirely special, but it does rely heavily on the propinquity theory in romantic relationships.

16. Sweating.

Yes, this might sound odd but some people find it attractive when the other person is sweating a lot as it shows signs of exhaustion, excitement, desire and so on.

17. Seeing a lover flirt with another person.

This has become quite common since seeing your partner or lover enjoying themselves by flirting with an outsider. This may be all you need to turn you on and make you want to join in on the fun.

Sexual triggers for couples who want to ignite the spark again:

18. Lay next to each other naked.

Let's not dive into the details but lying next to each other bare might be a way to ignite the spark again.

19. Go on your first date again.

Remember why you fell in love? Some couples tend to forget the origin story, so it might be good and exciting to replay that first date.

20. Send each other sexy pictures of yourselves.

This might seem childish and something teens would do, but remember all the fun you had as a teenager? Try igniting that flame again with your partner.

21. Be kind to each other.

And as a final note, treat each other with respect and kindness. This is in no way sexual or sensual, but plainly respectful. By doing this, you are showing your partner that you actually care for them and that alone may be a sexual trigger in its own right. So if you're already kind and respectful to each other, then good, otherwise try it out!

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