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57 Unique Love And Relationship Quotes For More Love

Love And Relationship Quotes

Unique Love And Relationship Quotes As there are several different types of love and relationship quotes for different situations and times, it’s essential to understand that using a proper love quote at the proper time, at the proper place for the right person is important as saying the right thing.   This is because, if […]

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What Is True Love?-Body v Mind

what is true love

Photo Credit: ApplePirate via Compfight cc What Is True Love?  What is true love? Many of the history’s greatest minds have attempted to solve this timeless mystery. Of course, as is fitting, true love cannot ever be assigned a clear definition. There will always be someone who proclaims that true love is a much more powerful […]

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Questions About Marriage:Just Before You Say I Do

Questions About Marriage

Photo Credit: Emery Co Photo via Compfight cc Questions About Marriage Marriage is a thing of beauty but sometimes scary; hence couples ask questions about marriage just before the walk down the aisle. Statistical data may disagree, but those who base their relationship on mutual honesty, trust and love are the happiest people on the planet. […]

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