Top Ten Relationship Blogs

top 10 relationship blogs

Top Ten Relationship Blogs

In today’s article, Kat shares her thoughts on “My Top Ten Relationship Blogs”; the rules of effective communication and benefits.

Since writing for Stripped Down Lovers, I have put together a list of top ten relationship blogs. In the past two weeks, I’ve done quite a bit of research on love and relationships, and I’ve come across a wide variety of relationship blogs, and people with all kinds of advice. Some are good, some are not so good.  But others, my top ten relationship blogs that I would go back to over and over, are just absolutely phenomenal.

10) SaveTheMarriage Mobile Version


SaveTheMarriage Desk Top Version



Why This Blog Is Awesome

This isn’t your typical “how to fix this or that” blog that only takes care of surface issues. This is run by a person who knows what they’re talking about. Lee Baucom, Ph.D not only writes actual articles, but provides a weekly podcast that you can subscribe to on iTunes or listen to right there on the website.

My Personal Issues With The Blog

There’s not much that I don’t like, except that the search bar like on other blogs is way down the page. So if you want to search for specific post you might not see it at a glance. At last for the table to version. 

9) ProjectHappilyEverAfter 


Why This Blog Is Awesome

Many people looking for relationship blogs are looking for someone relatable, who’s been in their shoes, is real, honest and down-to-Earth. Alisa Bowman is just that. She combines her spiritual practice with her personal experience to help others either find love, or help save troubled relationships. She’s not a professional counselor, so her very “BFF” approach to the topic of relationships will be very appealing to those who either don’t have close BFFs, or are just looking online for quick advice.

My Personal Issues With The Blog

I can appreciate the BFF approach, and that’s great if you’re actually talking with a best buddy over lunch. But when I’m looking for relationship advice, I’m the sort that wants not just a spiritual approach, but someone who’s gone through the educational hoops.

8) RelationshipRepair


Why This Blog’s Awesome

Not only does Jay Krunszyinsky have masters in counseling and assists people with their relationship issues with their partners, but he offers parenting advice as well. Relationship blogs like this can be helpful for people with kids who are either considering finding another partner after a divorce, or simply want help with both their romantic connections as well as help with dealing with their kids.

My Personal Issues With The Blog

My chief issues are with the coding and text layout, rather than the actual content. The ideas are sound, as well as beautiful, but his content’s tough to read because there is no real break-up of bigger sections into smaller ones. This is a readability issue. Otherwise, there really isn’t much that’s wrong with the site.

7) DatingAdviceFromAGirl


Why This Blog’s Awesome

This blog reads like someone who’s “been there,” and is truly conversational, like a BFF. She’s got lots of content, and it’s well-organized so you can find the topics you want, plus there’s a forum, where you can share your experiences and get advice. She has a good mix of “re-blogs” from other places, plus her own material.

My Personal Issues With The Blog

Not much of a complaint, other than the font size of her content, and that I couldn’t find her name at first.

6) SusieAndOtto


Why This Blog’s Awesome

This duo was named in another blogger’s “Top Ten,” so I went to check it out, and I can definitely see why. Susie and Otto Collins are a fantastic couple who are relationship coaches, authors and speakers. The whole site feels like you’re popping around to Mom and Dad’s for a meal and you’re telling them all about what the heck might be going on in your love life, and they give you very sound advice based on their own experiences as a couple.

My Personal Issues With The Blog 

Granted, they have lots of information, and lots of ebooks, which they have listed on the sidebar, but I think this adds a lot of extra visual clutter. I personally would like to see a separate page for all their ebook-based information. But then, it could just come down to me having some experience with website layout, and how things just “feel,” visually.

5) BlogHer


Why This Blog’s Awesome

Of all the relationship blogs I’ve seen, this one is clearly geared for women, as you can tell by the URL, which should be a plus for many, and it’s got loads of helpful content by various writers.

My Personal Issues With The Blog

I find this blog site a little difficult to deal with because it has a very “Cosmopolitan” mag vibe about it. Nowhere does it really have any advice for us “geek girls,” and there’s just some advice I strongly disagree with. The downside of the fact that the materials written by various women is that I wasn’t sure if I was getting sound advice or just sound-offs.

4) RomanticAnticsForMen


Why This Blog’s Awesome

Everyone knows that getting into a relationship can be really hard especially if you have a certain standard that you expect from your partner. But what’s even more difficult is keeping the relationship exciting and interesting into the future.
So what this blog offers is how to spice up your relationships with your spouse; up the antic so to speak.

3) GottmanBlog


Why This Blog’s Awesome

Third in the list of relationship blogs is, which is run by a longtime happily married couple who have extensive careers in counseling and marriage therapy. They don’t post as frequently as Susie and Otto Collins, but I’m sure that’s due to the Gottmans’ busy schedule. I am much more likely to come to this site than many of the others.

My Personal Issues With The Blog

This site might be something of a turnoff for younger couples who want advice two yesterday’s ago from a frequent poster, so this site might not be for the impatient type. 

2) Eharmony Dating-Advice


Why This Blog’s Awesome

Having read this site for research purposes for another project, this site is one of the premier online matchmaking sites out there, so naturally, they’re going to have top-notch, conversational topics that are both trending and perennial. I could spend hours reading and reading, there’s so much information. Plus, you get to try out the tips on the people you meet by signing up for an account.

My Personal Issues With The Blog

The only issue I have is that all the information. It can be a time sink if you’re not careful. So if you want to read relationship advice from this site, make sure you clear your schedule for some well-deserved “you-time.”

1) EvanMarckatz


Why This Blog’s Awesome

Evan Marc Katz’s blog has been rated #1 in Dating and Relationship advice sites in recent weeks, and his reputation is well-deserved. He’s likely no older than I am, but his insight is phenomenal, and it honestly feels like I am reading comments from the best guy buddy, which makes him very appealing and approachable to both genders. He is definitely the guy to have in your corner if you need help in the relationship department.

My Personal Issues With The Blog 

The only problem on this site is that, like eHarmony, there’s so much awesome information, it can be a time sink. So as I said before, make sure and clear your calendar for some well-deserved “you-time,” or else nothing else is gonna get done, especially if you’re looking at this site at the office.
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