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How to Wear The Pants Without Losing Your Shirt

The Secrets to Relationship Management System

BY Bryan Bruce

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The Leading Man 

Scot McKay, X & Y Communications

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Once you have a great woman in your life, then what? How can you “wear the pants” without losing your shirt? The Leading Man is the original program on how to manage relationships with women, and remains the golden standard. Everything that happens from the first date onward is covered. Whether you want to date multiple women or build a long lasting, healthy relationship with the woman of your dreams, this is the program for you

The Chick Whisperer, Relationship Coach San Antonio

When I first heard that Scot McKay sometimes called chick whisperer; was coming out with a complete system for relationship management called The Leading Man, my first thought was, “well, it’s about time”. After all, programs trying to put a different twist on pickup continue to flood the market, but this topic is both critically important and dramatically under-represented in the marketplace.

There’s also Scot McKay Deserve What You Want Product. There is also Scot McKay podcast, the mountain top radio; formerly the chick whisperer podcast (you should listen in). But these are not what I want to talk about. My main focus right now is The Leading Man Product.

We all instinctively know that pickup isn’t all there is to being great with women. Far from it. For many, many guys having a great woman in one’s life long-term (or several of them?) is what it’s all about.

So perhaps one of the main reasons why you don’t see a lot of info on relationship management is because there just doesn’t seem to be anyone out there with the wherewithal to address the subject fully and effectively.

That's Where McKay Comes In

You see, a while back he went through a pretty gnarly divorce and said “never again”. Since then, he has experienced a level of dating success that would make even some hardcore PUAs blush.

In fact, after having dated up to sixteen women at once, he figured out he needed to have a real plan for managing his social life. His friendships, his career and even his healthwere suffering.

the leading man

Scot McKay Wife

And eventually, having dated enough women to know what it was he wanted, he decided—on his own terms, thank you—to build a future with a great woman.

So, he identified and selected that woman from many options. And guess what? She was actually very happy to have him do that. Go figure.

Nowadays, she’s by his side wherever he goes and they couldn’t be happier. She’s even the mother of Scot Jr. and his “partner in crime” as a “dating guru” in her own right

Basically, if you haven’t guessed already, Scot McKay is the right guy to be teaching relationship management. Scott and Emily McKay, I call them power couple.

Scot McKay Books

Could it really be true that you can date as many women as you want to on your way to finding the one greatest woman you've ever met?

Can you really attract the highest-quality women on Earth and keep them attracted for as long as you choose?

Best of all, is it possible to lock down the "revolving door" of women in and out of your life and take back control of your dating destiny?The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES--and you're about to discover exactly why...

Pickup skills have an expiration date, relationship management is forever... Scot McKay

So, with all that in mind, I got into the Member’s Area for Leading Man and felt like a kid in a candy store.

First of all, everything you expect to receive is present and in good working order. All the audio programs are in MP3 format, with the eight core programs coming with full transcripts in PDF format.

If you are familiar with X & Y Communications products already, you know that McKay believes in keeping everything downloadable for instant access at the best possible price point.

the leading man

There are no scratched discs or extended shipping times involved here. Plus, McKay is well-known for making “surprise” additions to his value-packed products, which the Member’s Area concept supports beautifully.

It’s important to note that although The Leading Man has a “Member’s Area”, this really isn’t a “membership site” per se. You pay one time and your ticket is punched forever.

And at $97, that ticket is WAY reasonable compared to most of the other products on the market. Most guys with products featuring this amount of content are demanding at least double that price.

Having had a chance to dig in to The Leading Man, the name of the program is perfect. Leadership is a major recurring theme in the program, and for good reason.

You really do get that it’s the cornerstone of true relationship success. As McKay poignantly puts it, “Show me a woman who ‘wears the pants’, and I’ll show you a bitter woman’.

But The Leading Man is not really about being “large and in charge” as much as it is about earning a woman’s respect and thereby having the absolute most fulfilling lifestyle a man could possibly imagine.

Interestingly, McKay believes in dating multiple women as a means of evaluating and selecting the one for you someday…whenever that “someday” feels right for each man as an individual.

So as expected, there are complete audio programs detailing how to run multiple long-term relationships and on how to identify, attract and build a life with the greatest woman you’ve ever met.

He’s also got a full program on “Core Relationship Management” that serves as a fast-paced introduction to the overall topic.

From there, though, is where the true depth of Scot McKay’s system starts to really become evident.

For starters, he has a program on “How To Decode Women” that my head is still spinning from. Like every other program McKay produces, there is absolutely zero-fluff here.

Some have criticized Scot for avoiding even basic introductions in his core programs for the Virtuosity series he produced last year, and he does indeed appear to have found a middle ground there in his latest offering.

But still, it’s a good thing he included a “quick reference guide” for this particular program, because he blasts through a full 110 phrases that women use all the time.

Show me a woman who "wears the pants", and I'll show you a bitter woman

I didn't say that quote above, Scot did. So, 

Moving on, Scot covers what to say to women in a variety of situations—presumably a nice compliment to having “decoded” their words, right?

Then, he includes full-length programs on such intriguing topics as, “Telecom Game”, “Character-Based Kino” and “Crisis Management”.

You are left with the distinct impression that every angle has been covered here.

And there are some really nice bonuses included also, as we’ve come to expect from McKay. Notably, he somehow cajoled Alex Allman into letting him include the version of Revolutionary Sex for couples into the mix.

Now Alex has pretty much set himself apart as the “go-to guy” for sex advice among guys these days, so the synergy there with The Leading Man system is powerful.

Overall, The Leading Man delivers the goods…at a great price. Not only is it the only real system for relationship management out there, you clearly get the feeling it would still be the best even if there were others.

For more on The Leading Man, including four videos that you can watch for free, here’s the place to be:

It's time to stop asking, "What do I do next?"

Worse, imagine finding yourself married to the wrong woman--having "settled" instead of achieving the greatness you knew you deserved.

Sure you might get lucky and avoid all those hassles. But if not, the sobering reality is that you will have lived the life of the average guy.

Knowing so much more is possible, my vision for you is infinitely greater than that. I want to witness your transformation into THE LEADING MAN. And the time to act is now.

Still not convinced yet? Here are just 2 statements made by people like you who are brave enough to say enough is enough

"You Have The Tools That No One Else Anywhere Has"

"Really awesome stuff! You have the tools that no one else anywhere has...Thank you for your powerful and excellent work."
--Mark (New Haven, CT)

"Scot Lived Up To All My Expectations"

"Hey, I've been reading through and listening to The Leading Man today, and I gotta say, Scot lived up to all my expectations...My initial impressions are that this product is definitely worth it, and anyone interested in learning relationship management should invest in it."
--Tony (via PickupPodcast Forum)

THE LEADING MAN- Relationship Management System Review

Still not convinced yet? Here's just a partial sampling of even more valuable secrets--all of which you can begin applying in your real-world interactions with women immediately, and all of which covered in detail within THE LEADING MAN system:


The Good Stuff:
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS -- Pay one time, get unlimited access to the Member's Area. No surprises, no games.
  • FORGET SCRATCHED UP CDs -- No discs to fall between the seats in your car to get lost and/or ruined. No broken CDs, no defective products, nothing misplaced, nothing borrowed or stolen, no regrets. Download early and often, directly to your iPod. Even burn your own CDs quickly and easily if you must.
  • COMPLETE TRANSCRIPTS OR REFERENCE GUIDES FOR ALL CORE PROGRAMS -- The system features a comprehensive written record of each core audio program. Take notes or just read along. The choice is yours.
The Bad Stuff:
  • I don't see anything wrong with the whole program. It's chock full of content, except a couple of days going through the entire program is a problem for you.
  • What's a couple of days compared to having a fulfilling relationship not to talk of the a better life from here on. 

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